by Kilm Mae Joy T. Acayang


As Manuel Roxas High School celebrates its golden anniversary this year (2007), it is well look back and retrace how the school metamorphosed into its present stature.


Manuel Roxas High School is the embodiment of people's national vision of a great Filipino deam for freedom and democracy. This explains why it was named after the late President Manuel Acuna Roxas, the champion of democracy, the last president of the Commonwealth and the first President of the Republic.


The school started as an annex of Quezon City High School in 1957 and had at its helm Mrs. Purificacion Zamora as head teacher (1957-1963). with only the first and second year classes and three teachers to start wit, it then occupied a two-room PHCC unit in what was known as the General Roxas Elementary School. In 1962, the third and fourth year classes were added.The first graduates of the school joined the commencement exercises of the Quezon City High School in 1963, it was this year that Miss Dalizay Go was assigned as assistant head teacher in-charge (1963-1964). Thereafter, Miss Rosa B. Ines took over as acting assistant principal (1964-1970).


In 1965, the school became independent by virtue of a city council resolution. After this,Manuel Ropxas High School started to make a name for itself when its school paper, The Trailblazer, was adjudged the Best School Paper of the Year. In 1970, Cleotilde Evangelista took over as principal (1970-1976). During her term, the school was allowed to temporarily occupy the Quezon City Amoranto Stadium. On September 9, 1976, the school transfered to its new home composed of two-story buildings with 18 rooms in Scout Chhuatoco corner Scout Reyes Street, Roxas District. Mr. Ricardo Reyes assumed the principalship in 1976 and stayed only until 1978 because of his promotion as assistant director of the Sports and Youth Development Center. Mrs. Josefa Maglipon was then promoted in his place until 1984.


Manuel Roxas High School Continued to maintain its annex on Lilac Street, Roxas District, where the first classes were held. Ms.Celia dela Cruz was assigned head teacher i-charge (1976-1977) of the annex, followed by Mrs. Avila (1977-1979). When Mrs.Avila retired in 1979, Miss Dalisay Go returned to her home base to serve as head teacher in-charge (1979-1981), She was followed by Mrs. Corazon Fontillas (1981-1982) and Mrs. Carmelita Montano (1982-1983). Mrs.Victoria Velasco replaced by Mrs. Montano in 1983 and served as head teacher in-charge for five years (1983-1989), followed  by Mr. Migeul Acena (1989-1991) and Mrs. Fe Salvador (1991-1993), all in the same capacity. In June 1993, Mrs. Salvador was transferred to Sergio Osmena High School. At the same time, the school's annex was abolished and the 50 students and 17 teachers transferred to Manuel Roxas High School Main.


In 1984,Manuel Roxas High School had a dynamic leader assigned as supervisor in-charge in the person of Dr.Marcial Domingo (1984-1989), then General Supervisor II in PEHM. School year 1989-1990 brought with it two principals, Mr. Eliseo Cabangon (September-December 1989) and Mr William Barcena (January-March 1990), and 1991 marked the entry of another dedicated leader Dr. Carmelita Montano (1990-1991) who was once assigned as head teacher in-charge of the annex. She stated as principal until the school year 193-1994 and was promoted to Principal II in the school year 1995-1996.


On September 8, 1997, Dr. Esquillo retired and was succeeded by Dr. Justina Farolan (1997-February 2000), former head teacher in-charge of Krus na Ligas High School. Dr. Farolan was promited as Principal III and her promotion was followed by her transfer to the Regional Science High School, Quezon City Science High School, as its new hed effective February 14, 2000.


The dawning of the new millenium saw the arrival of another dynamic leader.Mrs.Angelita G. Regis was formerly head teacher in-charge of FloraYlagan High School before her promotion as Principal II of Manuel Roxas High School on February 14, 2000. She was committed to work for more improvements for the school as it geared itself for the 21st century.


The transformation of Manuel Roxas High School was well on its way with the coming of a seasoned principal by the name of Mr. Jose Dividina. He is obviously gifted with the power of persuasion, the vision of innovation, and insight of an academician.


Notable innovations such as the organization of the Council of President (COP), the Teacher Rural Urban Theater (TRUTH), and the Great Use of the Library Award could be seen to greatly contribute to the quality of education in MRHS, even right from the start of his term. Through the COP, urgent concerns and internal problems affecting the students were gradually threshed out. It also developed the sense of leadership among studens, particularly the class presidents. The TRUTH inculcated the art of theater and developed speech skills among the participants. The transfer and improvement of the library as a real venue for reading and other intellectual pursuits encouraged students as well as teachers to read more.


In the school year 2006-2007, Manuel Roxas High School was graced and blessed with the dynamic presence of an outstanding principal in the person of Dr. Luningning A.Milan, whose greatest response to the urgency of a deteriorating education is her culture of excellence. Her battle cry was "Lead and Be the Best"- be it with the students, the faculty, the family or the community. Even while still in C.P. Garcia High School, where she was previously assigned, her insights for innovations were greatly appreciated by the different stakeholders of the school. Among such innovations were the Barter Waste of Fodd (BWF); the Thursday is Test Day (TTD), her Two-Fold Reading Program (TRP), where she focused both on the slow learners and the talented ones' her Values in Action (VIA), where the much-needed value of honesty, industry, and nationalism are kept in focus and well entrenched in the minds of the youth.


IN the current school year, with Dr. Melanio Austria at school's adminstrative helm,MRHS senses an even higher level of expectation that something brilliant and truly excellent is just about to happen. With vision clarity and bias for action, the new principal is bent on addressing the holistic needs of the school, from faculty retraining to staff skills enhancement, from program overhaul to strategy formulation, from vision review to mission realignment. In fact, the school's multi-pronged competitiveness is now starting to gain headway, with its participation in various contests off-campus yielding laurels not to be ignored.


More interestingly, if the proposal prospers,Manuel Roxas High School may well be among the first schools in the country to be classified as a spsorts high school, belching out the best bets in highly prized competitions, both national and international in scope. Dr. Austria was highly credited for the dramatic transformation of the school he had previously headed, the Tandang Sora National High School which, under his principalship, rose from the virtual limbo to a highly achieving school in the region, holding in its track a rich harvest of top places in the various academic and non academic competitions it joined last school year.