Something new is coming up in MRHS, QC. Mrs. Janet Dionio, current principal, is organizing a drum and lyre band. Former students of General Roxas Elemenary School and oncemembers of  the school’s drum and lyre band are now attending high school in MRHS. Every now and then, these students are invited during special occasions to perform in GRES. Mrs. Dionio thought that these students can continually develop their musical talents by organizing a Drum and Lyre band where they can also display their musical and instrumental prowess.

Ms. Maricris Canuda emailed the principal's request to me,  to solicit funds to purchase the instruments. I posted the message in MRHS Milestones Facebook to inform the MRHS alumni community. The request is reasonable in terms of the benefits the band can offer the students like self-discipline, time management, value of hard work and appreciation for this genre of music and artistic performance. 

Jesusa Reyes Baetiong, from Batch 1981, responded to the call and expressed her interest to help. She then coordinated with her office at the Quezon City School Board and submitted a request to Dr. Milagros Referente, education supervisor.

It was not a long wait for the good news to come. Consider this as early Christmas gifts for the students, faculty and the school itself. On November 30, 2009, Jesusa announced that the request for instruments has been approved by Dr. Referente. MRHS will receive 10 lyres, 2 bass drums, 2 snare drums, 2 quadrotones, 1 triotone, and 1 cymbal. Jesusa hopes that the instruments will be delivered on the first quarter of next year.


According to Dr. Referente, a Drum and Lyre band needs around 15 lyres, 3 bass drums, 2 snare drums , 1 cymbal, 1 quadrotone and 1 trio.  With the quantity of instruments the city government will give them, the school remains in need of 5 lyres and 1 bass drum, costumes, baton for their marjorettes and flags. This means that more funding is needed to pay for the cost of additional instruments, costumes and other items.

Jesusa continues to coordinate with the staff in MRHS to formally complete the request. Because of her efforts, music will come alive in our alma mater.