Scout Chuatoco cor Scout Reyes Sts., Bgy. Paligsahan,

Diliman, Quezon City

Sources:The Trailblazer (annual 1976);

History of High Schools in Quezon City, Quezon City Library;

Division of City Schools, Quezon City


Manuel Roxas High School was conceived out of the dialectical forces of the struggle of a society that was then regaining composure from the shambles imprinted by imperialistic aggression and that national vision – the great Filipino dream. The school is the embodiment of this spirit, this tradition, and this way of life. This apparently explains why it was named after President Manuel A. Roxas, the champion of Philippine freedom and democracy, the last President of the Commonwealth and the first President of the Republic.


A high school is one mark of development and progress in a community. Roxas District entered the significant phase of development as it met a social responsibility to the young in quest for truth. Such social need of the first graduates of General Roxas Elementary School led to the birth of an Annex School of Quezon City High School at Roxas District, after the proper representations made by the hard working officers of PTA of General Roxas Elementary School to the City Schools authorities.


Housed under inadequate facilites of a two-room PHHC unit vacated by the General Roxas elementary School, located at Lilac St., this Annex School started with sixty-five students pioneered by Mrs. Purification Zamora (1957-1963), Head Teacheer, with only three teachers.


Like any pioneering work, problems and great difficulties were part of school. There was lack of textbooks, below standard facilities; laboratory equipment, chairs, tables, cabinets., etc. Through the cooperative efforts of the Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) under Atty. Lorenzo Villaruz, first president; and the late Atty. Tomas P. Benitez, the second president, they were able to make it successfully the first years. Everybody concerned faced the problems squarely and sought the corresponding solutions.


To meet the increasing enrolment, the PTA moved heaven and earth to secure the needed funds for the construction of six additional classrooms. Improved facilities were provided for the students by philanthropic donations from PTA, the faculty club, the student council organizations, class organizations, and Mrs. Leonila Garcia, wife of President Carlos P. Garcia. Mrs. Garcia donated three sets of microscope and one set of physics balance.


In 1962, the third and the fourth year classes were added through the cooperative work of Mrs. Commemoracion M. Concepcion, principal of Quezon city High School, the PTA and Dr. Anastacio Yabut, councilor of Quezon City. The first graduates of the school in 1963 joined the Commencement Exercises of Quezon City High School.





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