2003 Guestbook Archive

Name: Joy V.

Date: 18-Jul-2003 09:46:40

Message:hey BONETTE... thats cool.... at last naka pag chat din tayo.... sige... take care... chat again.. HEY GUYS, next time you log in, visit the cyber room... and stay there... til someone comes in...

Name: Joy V.

Date: 18-Jul-2003 09:23:50

Message:hi POPOI .. .eh if am not mistaken .. siya rin yung... ( Ax + Bx ) pronounced as e-ex plas beh- ex. hehehe ( mrs e?), so dami nila... uy.. thanks nga pala.,.. :-) nag talk na kami.... BONETTE am always in the chatroom whenever i log in.... ANAHAW sa y.m.c. tayo ba makakasama dun? wtih danny sergio and victor lugo of batch 79? by the way pareho na sila priest.


Name: Joy V.

Date: 18-Jul-2003 09:12:59

Message: ay, salamat at nakakita rin ako ng ka batch ko dito.. hindi yun puro basa na lang .. mmmmmm thanks ERLITS for signing in... hey friends.. ERLITA PABELLON-ELVINA is the secretariat of our batch.... ill call you up.. asap... ingats talits...



Erlita Pabellon-Elviña


Quezon City, , Philippines


18-Jul-2003 01:02:27


Hi everybody! Hi Bonette! This site is really cool! I'm from Batch '79. I really enjoyed reading all the messages here. Mysterious talaga identity ni anahaw kidlat! Nagiging popular ka na ha Joy, how are you? Tagal na kitang di nakakausap hope to hear from you

Name: popoi

Date: 17-Jul-2003 22:55:47

Message: Hi bonette! if you happen to pass by philippines please tell us so we can thank you personally for putting up this website. muwwahh!! joy---tinawagan ko na sya! and you got it correctlly. anahaw kidlat---- thanks for your e-mail kala ko kalimot mo na ako. and pinataba mo na naman ang puso ko!!! i'll keep in touch! sue--- miss you friend! jeng--- kahit ka- tsika kita awhile ago miss pa rin kita! i'll see you tomorrow! GUESS WHO??? Rusmarie (ilocano version ng rosemarie), that is not a rocking chir (chair)!!!


Name:  Bonette

Date: 17-Jul-2003 21:04:29

Message: Joy.... disappointed to see that the chat room didn't work. I'll do my best to find time to fix it up or if not, i'll post an instruction on how to use our room via MIRC. dear gradz, once the chat room is up and running, i suggest that you use it for a fun chat with your classmates!! A RoxasHi Faculty link will be opened soon so start remembering the names and some of the anecdotes of your past teachers! Cheers to all!


Name: anahaw_kidlat

Date: 17-Jul-2003 18:50:04

Message: jeng !!! .. got word from giem > hindi ko na makita yung letra ng cell phone kaya hindi ko masagot kaagad ): sabi ko kung pwedeng e-mail na lang popoi.. mahina ako sa social studies pero naalala ko perfect attendance ako kay ms. besabe > hmmm.. bakit kaya (: dan and jb.. remember youth marian crusade - ano na ang status


Name: jeanette

Date: 17-Jul-2003 12:22:14

Message: Hi!Bonette,how are you?I'm back.sorry got bz w/my work.Popoi,i enjoyed d night 2.nxt time will make it earlier para longer ang stay. hey,anahaw u can email me na.nag vacuum na ko. poi,got no walis.anahaw,got ur pics.randy sent it 2me.U look young!Dd u get giemsers txt re........ 4 d reunion?He's d1 in charge there and jesusa of course.No reply fr Chito yet? joy,i showed to Pastor your trivia when he and his wife visited me d other night and were so glad that you still remember him.No wonder tahimik mga cel namin!know what?it's over used! i'll try d proced.k?Poi,i hope im ok now.tnx.

Name:  Rosario Ayo Gamboa

Location:  4 Gordon Street, SFDM , Quezon City, Philippines

Date:  17-Jul-2003 11:16:15

Message: hello everyone batch 8T3, where is everybody? please, send me e-mail, or call me at 374-4756, i miss everyone from our batch, hope to hear from you. and don't forget to sign in, let them know you're around.


Name:  Joy V.

Date:  17-Jul-2003 04:52:45

Message: uy si PASTOR DANNY... Welcome po, si JAYBEE andun na din.... at mga katoto... wala ako cell phone nasira at nire-repair! wahhhhhhhh &$^% #&**$ 7 days pa daw *&&$^^%%#%^&, MAAM POPOI paki txt naman yun peborit ko sa batch78.... hhhmmmmmm alam mo naman yun! hehehehe

Name:  Joy V.

Date:  17-Jul-2003 04:48:22

Message: eh, popoi naman kahit nakapikit ako kaya ko sagutin yan!!!!! miyaw yan eh! o.. wala sumbungan ha....!


Name:  popoi

Date:  17-Jul-2003 00:41:03

Message: hey jeng got a word from kidlat anahaw--- magwalis ka na daw ng mga e-mails mo at hindi sya makapasok! Joy kung ikaw may trivia ako may GUESS WHO?????? "Ferdie, pick up the pieces of papers!!!" (with matching high pitch! mga teachers ito ha! pag-usapan nalang natin sila, di naman sila open ng website e he!he!)

Name:  Pastor Danny Quiambao


Date:  16-Jul-2003 21:03:04

Message: I'm from batch '78. I was the one who composed the song "Hoy kumusta ka?" for Section Apo.


Name:  Jose "Jay Bee" Benedicto R. Reyes

Location:  110 Bagumbayan, Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines

Date:  16-Jul-2003 20:59:11

Message: Hi! i'm from batch '78

Name:  Joy V.

Date:  16-Jul-2003 06:17:35

Message: oh BONETTE... so you're the one!.... hi POPOI ay sige please, by all means, we'll wait for that trivia.... hi JEANETTE yung health mo ha... i suggest you start that program na.. so makita natin result.. hi SOFIE asan na mga brothers mo? sana maka sign in na rin sila dito...


Name:  roma "popoi" alfaro-parungao

Date:  15-Jul-2003 18:51:31

Message: cyril, jeng and sofie---had a great time last nite kahit commute lang ako, color coding kasi ako. and thanks fr. cyril for your advice ha!ha! wag mo na uli akong paiyakin! jeng, please take good care of yourself my friend kahit hanggang sa reunion lang (ang sama ko!) joy, i'll think of some trivias and share it with you. hasta la vista!

Name:  Bonette

Date:  15-Jul-2003 08:43:31

Message: Joy.. I competed with Nap Hebron during the Kantahan 1985 in Sto. Domingo Church. He was the champion at that time. I wond the first place that time but when it was the time to vie the title holder, he remained the champ! I sang "HOME" by the way.

Name: Joy V.

Date: 15-Jul-2003 07:47:32

Message: ayan ANAHAW KIDLAT. malapit ka na mabisto!.. at MS JEANETTE... papiliin ba ako! ( nasabi ko na sayo di ba? ) hahahaha, MS POPOI eh honorary batch 78 lang me, sila (apo) group singning, ako all alone sa baguio! hehehehe......

Name:  Joy V.

Date:  15-Jul-2003 07:42:08

Message: **** T R I V I A **** did you know that : Rico J Puno has a counter part in manuel roxas high school, he is one of the best singers i know, he is Napoleon Hebron of B78.

Name:  Joy V.

Date:  15-Jul-2003 07:40:12

Message: hahaha. ok .. thanks the Jeanette S. --- mmmm now am beginning to like the guestbook better. problem lang bonette.. baka mapuno agad! i stand corrected... got mixed up with 2 trivia, ( read new trivia ), sorry ulit ha... nag ka gulo utak me . tanda na! hehehe

Name:  roma "popoi" alfaro-parungao

Date:  15-Jul-2003 02:54:45

Message: Hi guys! I'm from batch 78 and i've been reading all your messages. My goodness joy and jeanette e yung "oy kumusta ka" second placer lang kayo sa singing competition. and the winner is SECTION MAKILING, di ba? Beee!!!!! ey kidlat anahaw popular ka na daw? kilala na kita kainis ka kaya pala di mo na sagot e-mails ko. is this your new e-mail ad?

Name:  jeanette

Date:  15-Jul-2003 00:19:31

Message: Hey anahaw kidlat,hope 2CU sa reunion natin.Do something!Do u hve cel#?pls.get my cel# 2giem callo or txt him since u live in the same place! i'll send u d info sheet l8tr.joi,u stand corrected...it's rey ramirez who excel in cooking in b'78 and he's now in Florida.nap hebron was d rico j. puno of b'78.Hey,ilan ba ms universe ng buhay mo?told u 2choose d better among d best.b4 it's 2 l8!dami kc eh!

Name:  Joy V.

Date:  14-Jul-2003 20:16:36

Message: hey i almost forgot, anahaw kidlat! you are gaining popularity! dami tanong sino ka daw.. hahahaha, sabi ko tanong nyo sa site....


Name:  Joy V

Date:  14-Jul-2003 20:13:41

Message: ******* T R I V I A ******* did you know that: the best and the trusted cook in the white house is a product of mrhs, he is Ferdie Garcia b78, the trusted of the pres of the usa and also, in 1978 there is another male cook who always wins cooking contest and is the sought after cook of the teachers, he is Napoleon Hebron also from b78, kahit saan magagaling ang produkto M.R.H.S. mabuhay! ------ more to come -------

Name:  Joy V

Date:  14-Jul-2003 20:03:34

Message: hi... at last.. thanks jeanette, someone asked me why did danny composed that song and who's the inspiration.... ok guys theres your answer... ok, no reply from jojo lagmay or from arindaeng, however i have already sent info to their siblings... so guys if you have any info about them please help us.. also from batch 79 cesar martinez, linda yamat, virginia esmilla and marami pa... inform your mga kapatid about this site yet,


Name:  jeanette

Date:  14-Jul-2003 09:27:45

Message: I talked to beth already and got all d infos abt her.Yes,she's coming.Fr UK.She's goin 2attend d reunion.Thank u so much 4helping me locating my batchm8s joi.What abt Joseph Arindaeng?d brother of ur batchm8?and Dionisio Lagmay?I juz wana get their email ad..tnx......


Name:  jeanette santos

Location:  QC., , Phil.

Date:  14-Jul-2003 09:16:43

Message: Hi!I'm BZ preparing and planning for d reunion of batch'78.It's 4months 2go..As far as i can recall,"HOY KAMUSTA KA"was APO's song.Danny composed it 4us sectn APO, coz we had this comptition of every section.It's really a good song and meant 4us "ROXASIANS".nice 2know u like d song joi v.

Name:  Joy V.

Date:  12-Jul-2003 22:47:43

Message: teka, i forgot asan ka na pala miss jeanette santos? ang miss universe ng buhay ko? sagot ka naman sa guest book.

Name:  Joy V.

Date:  12-Jul-2003 22:42:32

Message: ok, as per anahaw kidlat's identity, one of my most respected icon sa manuel roxas. clue : brother of kapitan kidlat and near relative of kidlat tahimik. hehehehe. ok clue... cute din.


Name:  Joy V.

Date:  12-Jul-2003 22:36:24

Message: hi bonette... thanks... ill send you the picture of my performance, but not the quality hahahaha, as per reviving it, that i have to ask the permission of the composer. THE CHAT ROOM - well i think it will be better if we use the irc - webmaster, ill send you the script ( ill look for it), so we can attach na lang it dito sa web site. (wave lenght? yes probably). o ha.. bastat moderator ako dun!

Name:  Bonette

Date:  12-Jul-2003 12:23:10

Message: Hello Alumni: Really pleased for visiting the site regularly. Joy, your such a darling for beefing up the site with trivia and anecdotes. I had a hearty laugh when anahaw kidlat (who are you anywayz?) nominated me for being whattt???? he...he... well tho' really beyond the truth, i still thank you for thinking of me. Joy, putting a chat line is actually one of my plans too!! (wow, we're in the same wavelength huh?). i'm still searching whether or not tripod has "chat room" as one of their webgems, or if i could just open a room either via Yahoo messenger or MSN. anywayz... great to hear from all of you guys. Joy, i didn't know you could sing... is there a way you can share the melody? we can revive the song if you want. yours truly sings too and i'd love to have it a try! MORE POWER TO ROXASHI GRADZ!


Name:  Joy V.

Date:  11-Jul-2003 19:44:14

Message: ******* T R I V I A ******* did you know that: sometime in 1978, danny quiambao b78 ( who is now a pastor ), composed a folk song entitled "hoy, kamusta ka". in 1979, "yours truly", julius velasco, performed that song at y.m.c.a. conference in baguio city. it was an instant hit! some students ask for the lyrics with chords. and i was up all night doing a repeat performance. was is the song or my rendition? whatever both are products of M.R.H.S. mabuhay! ------ more to come -------


Name:  Joy V.

Date:  11-Jul-2003 19:37:17

Message: eto nanaman sorry, annabelle gregorio is from batch 80... (tanda na talaga me .. heheheh )


Name:  Joy V.

Date:  11-Jul-2003 19:35:27

Message: hi ms jeanette, i received a call from beth yco (batch 78) lastnight, nasa london siya ... shes now mrs. palmer... i didnt got her info details, she'll call me up again, but she told me that she'll be here on november.... wala siyang email....

Name:  Joy V.

Date: 11-Jul-2003 19:30:19

Message: oo, naman ... from batch 81 pa, bonette valdez, annabelle gregorio. by the way ms bonette, pwede ba tayong mag gawa ng chat room dito? kasi kaninang morning, pareho kaming nandito sa site tapos naguusap kami sa text nung batchmate ko, what do you think guys?


Name:  jeanette santos

Location:  QC., , Phil.

Date:  11-Jul-2003 07:37:21

Message: Greetings to all MRHSQC Grad.specially batch'78. FYI:MRHS BATCH'78 Silver Jubillee Celebration is on Nov.8,2003.For more info pls email me @ mariejeanette_santos@yahoo.com or call me @(02) 7271297/(02)7239782 or txt me@ 09194376970 CHEERS TO 25 YEARS BATCH '78!CU. jeanette

Name:  anahaw_kidlat

Date:  11-Jul-2003 03:07:48

Message: mr joy v baka mahuli ka ng manager mo for unauthorized beauty pageant.. anyway ang aking choice ay si.. BONETTE


Name:  joy velasco

Date:  10-Jul-2003 09:16:40

Message: macres ( pronounced as makers )!!!!! ( macrina gatus ) --- asan ka na? di ka na bumalik.... dali! post ka ng note sa akin... o kaya, text mo na lang kaya me.


Name:  The Joy Velasco

Date:  9-Jul-2003 09:02:36

Message: ******* T R I V I A ******* did you know that: the mr. vega - ms. besabe love affair begun sometime 79 and, a student by the name of abraham flores have a big role in their fruitful affair. ( ask abe, for the story ) ------ more to come -------



Date:  8-Jul-2003 21:34:0

Message: Regards to all Roxasians!!! Im from Batch 82 younger brother of Bonette.You could reach me on my cell no. 0917 8417809 thank you.


Name:  jeanette santos

Location:  Q.C, ,

Date:  8-Jul-2003 17:09:48

Message: HI!BONETTE.TNX FOR UR EFFORT!GOOD WORK AND GOD BLESS...CALLING ALL BATCH'78!!!PLS GET IN TOUCH W/ME OR ANY1 FR.OUR BATCH RE OUR UPCOMING REUNION ON NOV.8,2003.FOR MORE INFO EMAIL ME@ mariejeanette_santos@yahoo.com or callme@02- 7271297/02-7230278/027239782/txt me@09194376970 HOPE 2HEAR fr U SOON BATCH'78!CHEERS 2 25YEARS!


Name:  the Joy V. Again

Date:  7-Jul-2003 08:55:31

Message: sorry di me nag babasa ng location nyo, pareng ronald email me. padalhan kita ng pic. annabelle gregorio,yung girl from gen. lim dati? i think so.


Name:  the Joy V parin

Date:  7-Jul-2003 08:48:28

Message: pareng ronald ferrer! asan na shades ko? yung one way na rayban na color green (yucks baduy! ), hiniram mo nung 1981! sa tapat ng parlor ni noli sa sct chuatoco! hehehehe ( wow ang kulit ko! ), email ka naman sa akin, or call me drink tayo. ( alam ko nag iisip ka kung sino ako, ganyan talaga tumatanda! ) just call me at maaalala mo.


Name:   the Joy V.

Date:  7-Jul-2003 08:35:58

Message: hey guys vote nga!, cute girls batch 75 to 81, my pick: batch 75 - nina gatus, batch 76 - liza de guzman, nieves buenaventura, batch 77 - brenda peralta, batch 78 - jeanette santos, pinky dumaup, peng rey, marlene rojo, ( ay dami! ) batch 79 - ( pass ako dito ), batch 80 - daisy molina, sonia bugayong; batch 81 - rorie rojo, grace ann aldeguer; ( feeling h.s. lang me people ), marami pa ako susunod... kalimots ko lang iba name( sign of old age? ) hehehehe

Name:  the Joy Velasco

Date:  7-Jul-2003 08:15:06

Message: hi nina gatus! o ayan ha, familiar na siguro name ko sayo... 4 yrs pagitan natin, age does not matter? hehehehehehe hi ate macs... ang pinakamagandang babae ng batch75!


Name: Annabelle Gregorio

Location: Doha, , State of Qatar

Date: 1-Jul-2003 03:36:31

Message: Hi! Ronald Ferrer, if ever you read this note, send me an email, your email address doesn't work. We have a lot of catching-up to do...

Name: Annabelle Gregorio

Location: Doha, , State of Qatar

Date: 1-Jul-2003 03:16:44

Message: I'm from batch 80'. This will surely bring back a lot of good memories.


Name: Diana C. Antic

Location: Quezon City, , Philippines

Date: 29-Jun-2003 03:29:49

Message:hi to all Roxasians !!!



Location: Muntinlupa, , Philippines

Date: 25-Jun-2003 07:18:37

Message:Greetings! Sorry but I am not familiar with the names. I am a '75 Graduate, the group of Vicky Dayao, Joel Ylagan & company. I am at present a Grade School teacher here in my area. I am known as Nina Gatus-Alcantara


Name: Mercedes Ayo

Location: Lynbrook, New York, U.S.A.

Date: 19-Jun-2003 13:16:25

Message: hi, batch 8T2 still remember me? I miss you guys, whoever remember me, please throw me a line or two, i will be very happy to hear from batch 8T2 and don't forget my e-mail address is ajustmer@aol.com scan your pictures as well if possible!

Name: chito

Location: Legazpi City, ,

Date: 12-Jun-2003 09:05:17

Message: hello to my friends (batch '78) hope to hear from you. will try my best to be there on november 8 for our reunion.


Name: Jojo

Location:  CHICAGO, , USA

Date: 3-Jun-2003 22:20:47

Message: Batch '78.. nasaan yung mga pictures ninyo noong kayo ay sweet 16 (or 15.. or 17.. or 18).. good work bonette on the web page http://roxashi.tripod.com

Name: Flegreca Ayo

Location: 4 Budino Street, SFDM Q.C., Philippines

Date: 2-Jun-2003 15:32:20

Message: Hi batch '78, remember me? I hope so, otherwise i will be very upset. I'm a teacher now, you probably thinking how did get into this profession, well, I did not take education just happened to know someone, and besides I took accounting (not certified). Well I hope we'll see each other on our upcoming reunion.

Name: Ronald Ferrer

Location: Misiion Viejo, California, USA

Date: 27-May-2003 11:52:54

Message:Hello!!! There!!!This is Ratsky,Do you remember me.Im from batch 1980 (kirat..kirat..kirat..)


Name: Edilberto Soliman

Location: Riyadh, , Saudi Arabia

Date: 22-May-2003 06:12:48

Message: Hi, i'm a graduate of Manuel A. Roxas High School - Paco, Manila. If anyone still know me please contact me on the email provided. Thanks.


Name: Juliet Dionela Fajardo

Location: Antipolo, , Philippines

Date: 22-May-2003 03:40:00

Message:Hello! Remember me? Batch '79 Hi to MeAnne Quizon & Vivianne Cruz Also to the LUJET barkada- Lulu, Ludy & Tetet and to all my former classmates and schoolmates


Name: vicky araneta-linsangan

Location: antipolo, city, , Phils.

Date: 12-May-2003 03:04:14

Message: Hi. Everyone hope you still remember me im from batch '78 anybody out there who knows me still i'll be glad to get together with you guys for old time sake i really missed those days...

Name: Emilyn G. Bete

Location: Quezon City, , Philippines

Date: 12-May-2003 01:59:29

Message: I'm from batch 1994! Hope that i can get in touch w/ my batchmate, although i have a constant communication especially w/ Jeanny Christi Parabas, Maria Victoria Sauro-Cruz, Rose Joy Nacion-Villotica, Lorilie Marayag-Abuan. Hope you can include our names in our alumni directory. Hi Ate Alice, remember me? Great job ha!

Name: Jeanette Santos Reyes

Location: Quezon City, , Philippines

Date: 11-May-2003 09:10:25

Message: Hello batch '78!Let's all celebrate our Silver Jubilee this coming Nov.Let's all have fun and reminisce HS days.HS is the BEST!!!Agree?????? We all deserve to be there BATCH'78 & Let's make the most out of it...u can reach me @ 63 0919-437 6970/02 7271297/02 7230278/02 7239782

Name: bino tolentino

Location: quezon city, , philippines

Date: 8-May-2003 03:45:24

Message: calling all batch '78. the more the merrier

Name: Rosemarie "popoi" Alfaro-Parungao

Location: binan, laguna, philippines

Date: 8-May-2003 02:58:26

Message: Hi!!! i'm from batch 1978. I'm looking forward to our batch reunion this November 2003. Let us work hand in hand to make this day a memorable one. Hey Mt. Makiling please get in touch with me.


Name: Jobot Velasco

Location: , metromanila, phil

Date: 7-May-2003 18:22:32

Message: hey bonette... the Jobot is from batch 79, not 77. and also informing you guys,,, lets help batch 78, they are also in the process of contacting their batchmates.. the coordinator is ms. jeanette santos-reyes 0 63 919 4376970 my eadd jobotv@hotmail.com email me for other info the site is getting better!!!!!! mabuhay



Location: Astoria, New York, U.S.A.

Date: 28-Apr-2003 11:24:58

Message: Hello Roxas Grads '78, hope we'll get together soon, how about a reunion? Please get in touch. I have two (2) e-mail addresses, you can send it either on sue@jcc-construction.com or wrenchpipe@aol.com. make sure you put a subject, so i won't make a mistake deleting it. But hey i miss everybody!


Name: Gilbert A Garcia

Location: Laguna Hills, , U.S.A.

Date: 11-Apr-2003 22:13:24

Message: " Gilbert Garcia : now a name, soon a legend. " (class of 1980)

Name: Erwin C. Mendoza

Location: Encino, CA, USA

Date: 1-Apr-2003 13:00:50

Message: Good work Bonette! It's nice to have a site where u can reflect your high school days. I'm from batch 8t2. Can you say hi to Betong from me.


Name: Lorraine Mendoza

Location: La Puente, California, USA

Date: 23-Mar-2003 10:18:24



Name: Alvin L. Villa

Location: Tempe,AZ, , USA

Date: 21-Feb-2003 18:41:21

Message: I'm so glad i found this site, Bonita u did a great job, and may i say doing great too. So far there's only four of us that i know from our batch of 1980. so c'mon let's start communicating here. Thank U !!!


Name: Ruben Disuanco

Location: Antelope, CA, , USA

Date: 23-Jan-2003 02:03:52

Message: First of all I want to commend Bonnette and Alice. You both did a good job in creating this website. I got this website from the email that Jobot Velasco sent to my sister Gigi. I'm with batch '71 and I'm looking for my other "Ka- batch." In fact a few of us got together at a Filipino restaurant here in Northern CA, just before Christmas. So, hopefully through this website, I would be able to find some of my "ka- batch." I also would like to let every Roxas residents know (who are living abroad), that there will be a re-union this summer in L.A. This will be the third Roxas Residents Re- union.

Name: Jhun Lorena

Location: baesa quezon city, , philippines

Homepage: stichchez world

Date: 15-Nov-2002 00:15:53

Message:regards to all! Im from batch 93.


Name: Encarnacion "Eny" Pabellon

Location: 120-f Scouter Ojeda St Roxas District QC, , Philippines

Date: 28-Oct-2002 00:27:02

Message: This website is COOL! Thanks Bonita.Hello to my fellow schoolmates..More high school pics contribution pls...para mas enjoy! lolI'd like to send one for the batch 82..it's our 20th year..any plans of a reunion guys?? CIAO!

Name: Leonora R. Jeresano-Rabino

Location: toronto, ontario, canada

Date: 26-Oct-2002 20:44:19

Message:this website is awesome ! Congrats ! regards to everyone especially Batch '77.


Name: Nicandro "Nick" Parayno

Location: Calamba, Laguna, Philippines

Date: 22-Oct-2002 01:30:41

Message: Hi Guys! Na search ko na halos lahat ng Site for Alumnis, D2 lang pala kayo nagtatago.. Nice work Bonita and Alice. Naiiyak ako sa article ni Alice. Hope to hear from you guys. I'll always be in touch. Hinahanap ko pa sila Leonard, Nanding, Eric.............ASAN NA KAYO!!!!!?


Name: Jo Ann Ramos-Bautista

Location: Scarborough, ON, Canada

Date: 18-Oct-2002 13:29:33

Message: Hi I am Batch 86, now reciding at Toronto Ontario Canada. Hi Arlene and Quin.


Name: Quin Ocampo

Location: Quezon City, M.M., Philippines

Date: 17-Oct-2002 01:25:12

Message:Hello, I'm glad upon hearing that MRHS has a homepage...nice work! I'm from batch 86.


Name: Ma. Arlene F. Austria

Location: Caloocan City, , Philippines

Date: 14-Oct-2002 23:21:18

Message: im from batch '86 and we're planning to have our reunion come dec. 27, 2002. this website is great! can my batch join here?

Name: Erlita Pabellon-Elviña

Location: Malabon City, , Philippines

Date: 8-Oct-2002 20:32:50

Message:Hi everyone! This website is really nice! Thanks to Bonette and Alice. You really did a good job. Regards to all


Name: Leilani G. de Leon-del Prado

Location: Antipolo City, Bulacan, Bulacan, Philippines

Date: 7-Oct-2002 18:27:37

Message: Hello to everyone! This website is wonderful! Many thanks and congratulations to Bonnette and Alice.


Name: Edgardo G. de Leon

Location: Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines

Date: 5-Oct-2002 00:48:40

Message: Be proud!!! we are product of Roxas Hi!!!


Name: Danilo V. Pasa

Location: Quezon city, , Philippines

Date: 4-Oct-2002 15:45:29

Message: This job was great.Keep up the good work.


Name: Marilou E. Granado-Chua

Location: Caloocan City, -, Philippines

Date: 3-Oct-2002 18:37:39

Message: Regards to all....

Name: Romeo Arabit

Location: Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines

Date: 12-Aug-2002 20:48:23

Message: I feel proud about OUR website. Congrats to you! Also, I wanna ask, Bakit Cruzada kana? You may not know me, pero, I became interested kasi Cruzada ang wife ko. She hails from Mendez, Cavite. Taga-san ba ang husband mo? you can just e-mail me. thanks.




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